31 March 2015

Children go back to school in Vanuatu

Pupils sit inside a UNICEF tent, being used as a temporary school
structure © UNICEF PACIFIC/2015/Sorkhin
After a disturbing event like Cyclone Pam it's important to get children back to learning and playing as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many of the schools in Vanuatu were heavily damaged and will take months to rebuild. But, thanks to UNICEF's support, pupils from St Joseph's College and Vila East Primary school were able to get back to school yesterday.

Ellen, 12 © UNICEF PACIFIC/2015/Sorkhin
"When we got to the garden after the storm we saw the birds were all dead.
The wind had killed them."
Ellen, 12, St Joseph's College

Damasen, 11 © UNICEF PACIFIC/2015/Sorkhin
"We had nowhere to sleep, nowhere to cook. I came to see the school... 
there was no school and I felt no good." Damasen, 11, St Joseph's College

Back to school at last

To get children back to school, UNICEF provided a spacious tent to act as a temporary school shelter. Now, Aldo, Ellen and Damasen and all their friends are back at school.

Children get back to school in a UNICEF tent 
© UNICEF PACIFIC/2015/Sorkhin
They are able to start learning, start socialising, and start putting the events of Cyclone Pam behind them.

Aldo, 12 © UNICEF PACIFIC/2015/Sorkhin
"Thank you for giving us this tent. Thank you very much!"
Aldo, 12, St Joseph's College

Pupils stand outside their new classroom 
© UNICEF PACIFIC/2015/Sorkhin
Students of Vila East Primary school also received new schoolbags filled with school supplies, many of which were lost during the cyclone. 

Children proudly hold their new school bags 
© UNICEF PACIFIC/2015/Sorkhin
The school received a tent from UNICEF, allowing children to get back to class while their old schools are being repaired.

Vila East Primary School also received a tent to act as a
temporary classroom 
© UNICEF PACIFIC/2015/Sorkhin
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