27 October 2013

The Truth About Hand Washing!

The uncomfortable truth about hand washing is that not everybody comes clean about it.

Read October's youth feature in Mailife Magazine (also published in Fiji Times October 20th) that uncovers some gruesome realities of hand washing practices in schools and in public places in Suva, Fiji.

This article was written by UNICEF Youth Mediactivists Sera Wilson (18), Jone Maiwiriwiri (19) and illustrated by Lino Lionel Colaitiniyara (17).

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23 October 2013

Happy UN Day!

"UN day falls on October 24 every year. In previous years, the UN has commemorated this special day by bringing visibility to our contributions and partnerships here in Fiji and across the Pacific. This year we chose to do something a bit different. On this day of celebration UN staff wanted to take concrete action to help others in the spirit of UN values and principles that are core to our work -- that's where Hilton Special School came in" said the UN Resident Coordinator, Ms. Osnat Lubrani.

Hilton Special School has a School Beautification Program and UN staff helped with the cleaning of the school compound which included cutting of grass and raking the yard, digging of vegetable gardens and conducting a quiz with the students.

Here's a video of the UN family in Fiji wishing you a HAPPY UN DAY!

20 October 2013

Doing our part in Disaster Preparedness

By Karen Allen, UNICEF Pacific Representative

Girl paddling canoe, Malaita © UNICEF Pacific/2013/Allen
The UN, Governments, and NGOs are all about Disaster Preparedness these days, and rightly so. "Get Ready. Disasters Happen" is the slogan for a UNICEF Pacific disaster preparedness package of assistance to disaster prone areas.

Last week I was in the Solomon Islands talking to people involved with disaster preparedness and response. While impressed with our systems and knowledge for disaster risk mitigation, I was also reminded that we have to recognize the limits and really commit to helping people quickly and effectively when disaster strikes. Jacob, a UNICEF WASH staff, told me,

Rapid HIV Testing in Solomon Islands makes Nurse June Happy

Meet Nurse June Tavalia. She is the one of the nurses that works in Ruve Clinic, which is located on the outskirts of Honiara in the Solomon Islands. Ruve Clinc is one of the clinics where UNICEF HIV & AIDS programme in collaboration with the Ministry of Health HIV & STI Unit in the Solomon Islands has successfully introduced point of care HIV testing and counseling using rapid tests for ANC (ante-natal clinic) clients.

 Nurse consulting with a mother who has given birth
© UNICEF Pacific/2013/Ali

15 October 2013

Celebration of Global hand Washing Day ( GHWD) in Kiribati: The Power is in your hands, action song competition:

The Global Hand Washing Day 15 October, 2013 celebration was held at the KNYC Maneaba in Bairiki included an action song competition: Based on the guidance to display proper hand washing, groups of students (Primary School) from 11 schools sang loudly for everyone to hear about the need to wash hands with soap at critical times in order to stay healthy, demonstrating proper hand washing with buckets, water and soap. Action songs were prepared by the teachers and students for demonstrating proper hand washing with soap at critical times by highlighting the theme, “Power is in your hands” and in action song competition Temanoku School won the first prize while Dai Nippon school came second and Abaunamou school coming in third.

Celebration of Global hand Washing Day ( GHWD) in Kiribati: The Power is in your hands!

The Global Hand Washing Day 15 October, 2013 celebration was held at the KNYC Maneaba in Bairiki. The programme was organized under the leadership of MPWU and MOH through joint partnership with MoE, MELAD, MISA, UNICEF, SMEC and KAP II. It was a combined and integrated effort of the GHWD celebration committee from government and WASH partners, to make the day a very meaningful and memorable. The GHWD programme is organized for the second time in Kiribati but for the first time through partnership with government and WASH partners. The Kiriwatsan I has taken initial coordination role among partners for the celebration .

11 October 2013

International Day of the Girl

GIRLS can do anything. This was the view of UNICEF representative to the Pacific Island countries Karen Allen as the Fiji Girl Guides marked the International Day of the Girl in Suva. On Friday the 11th of October, 2013.

The Girl Guides celebrated the day with speeches from young girls and a photo exhibition which was facilitated by Mere Nailatikau UNICEF Pacific youth ambassador and Jeremy Duxbury professional photographer.

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03 October 2013

The lure of flush toilets and the rewards of patience

By Karen Allen, UNICEF Pacific Representative

I am in Malaita, Solomon Islands in a village. I am looking at a large, multi-layered concrete slab covering what I am not sure. On top is a concrete encased porcelain toilet bowl open to the elements. Of course it is full of rain water. Where are the walls and roof for this toilet? No wonder the UNICEF staff and community member look unhappy. Who built this toilet? Who is responsible for it? What is the story?

Toilet abandoned in a village in Malaita
with a concrete encased porcelain toilet bowl open to the elements.
© UNICEF Pacific/2013/Allen