15 April 2014

Plastic basins keep children alive during flooding in Solomon Islands

By Atenia Tahu, UNICEF 

More than one week after devastating floods in Honiara, Solomon Islands, over 9,000 people are still sheltering at evacuation centres. While those who are able go out during the day to work and try to repair or rebuild, mothers and children stay there day and night. One of the evacuation centres is a big room at the Holy Cross Cathedral. 

Three babies - Alistair Iroga, Lester Maemalaohu and Harry Sareto’oma, all survived the flash floods on 3-5 April because their parents put them in plastic basins and pushed them across the flood waters to safety. The flood destroyed the homes and possessions of the babies’ families.

13 April 2014

After the floods

© UNICEF Pacific/2014/ATahu

The Solomon Islands was hit by its worst ever flooding from 3-5 April, 2014. The flooding caused deaths and widespread damages to housing, food, water, educational facilities, and heath care that affected more than 50,000 people, of which about 24,000 are children. UNICEF is supporting the Government of Solomon Islands to respond to the pressing needs of the people affected and aims to help bring children back to school and normalcy as soon as possible.

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12 April 2014

UNICEF Pacific donates tents and tarpaulins

By Atenia Tahu

UNICEF Pacific donated three 80m² tents and 20 tarpaulins to the Honiara City Council, for use by people who fled from floodwaters between 3-5 April. The tents are erected at the Festival of the Pacific Arts (FOPA) compound that is being used as an evacuation centre, and the tarpaulins are used on the roofs of leaf huts to prevent leaking when it rains. Around 350 people are currently sheltering there.

Honiara City Council volunteers assist in transporting UNICEF tents to the FOPA compound. © UNICEF Pacific/2014/ATahu

11 April 2014

Baby Clera celebrates two week birthday in evacuation center

Story by: Vika Waradi
Communication Officer, UNICEF Pacific

Miracle baby Clera and family survived Solomon Islands floods.
She is two weeks old today. 
© UNICEF Pacific/2014/VWaradi

A mother’s joy of giving birth to her healthy baby girl turned into a fight to save her daughter’s life. Only a week after returning home from hospital with her new bundle of joy, Madeline Hiro, found herself desperately trying to save her family from the raging waters that took their family home during the recent flash floods in Honiara. She now joins 52,000 people who have been affected by this disaster that has also claimed the lives of at least twenty-one people, many of which were children. 

07 April 2014

A Strong Offense is the Best Defence Against Dengue

 OFC Champions league match 
© UNICEF Pacific/2014/Melissa Palombi
Joining forces to help celebrate World Health Day, the Oceania Football Confederation, Fiji Football Association, the Ministry of Health Fiji and UNICEF Pacific link sport and dengue to support the Kick Dengue Out campaign at the OFC Champions League tournament.

06 April 2014

Eight-year old carried away by flooded river out to sea but bravely survives Solomon Islands flash floods while relatives tragically perish

By Atenia Tahu
Communication for Development Officer, Solomon Islands

Isiah Andrew, 8 years old, may be one of the youngest to survive the dreadful flash floods that swept hundreds of homes away, leaving 17 dead, 30 missing and an estimated 12,000 people homeless as of yesterday.

Isiah lives with his parents in Wagina, a settlement in Choiseul province. A week before the floods, he came to Honiara to spend his one week school break with his sister as he always does. But little did he know, this holiday would be a haunting one for the rest of his life.

Isiah Andrew at West Kola-Ridge. © UNICEF Pacific/2014/ATahu

How Just Play is Helping to Kick Dengue Out of the Pacific

 Kids doing Just Play demonstration during the OCF Champions 
league match © UNICEF Pacific/2014/Melissa Palombi
Kicking off the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) Champions League tournament in Fiji, was the Just Play team in celebration of the 1st International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. The OFC, Ministry of Health of Fiji, Ministry of Youth and Sport of Fiji and UNICEF Pacific, joined together, linking sport and health, in support of the “Kick Dengue Out” campaign.

03 April 2014

Just Play reaches out to children across the pacific

Just Play instructors and project managers 
© OFC/Fiji/TranVan/2014
On the coat tail of the Sport and Peace awards, which saw the Oceania Football Confederation Just Play programme recognized as the Sport Federation of the year, Just Play Programme Managers and Instructors gathered in Auckland for the unveiling of the new curriculum.  

“This new content is much more educational than in the past. The curriculum, with integrated health and social messages, will provide participants with access to information which they normally did not have”, said Rorona Kalsakau, Programme Manager from Vanuatu.