23 October 2013

Happy UN Day!

"UN day falls on October 24 every year. In previous years, the UN has commemorated this special day by bringing visibility to our contributions and partnerships here in Fiji and across the Pacific. This year we chose to do something a bit different. On this day of celebration UN staff wanted to take concrete action to help others in the spirit of UN values and principles that are core to our work -- that's where Hilton Special School came in" said the UN Resident Coordinator, Ms. Osnat Lubrani.

Hilton Special School has a School Beautification Program and UN staff helped with the cleaning of the school compound which included cutting of grass and raking the yard, digging of vegetable gardens and conducting a quiz with the students.

Here's a video of the UN family in Fiji wishing you a HAPPY UN DAY!

Also, read the press release from the day! What did you do on UN day? Tell us on Facebook!

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